Keeping the magic alive at home!

So many times, I find myself at home or at work and dreaming of being in Walt Disney World.  The ennui of life overtakes me, and I dream of Soaring, Splashing, and Spacing around my favorite place.  I then click back to reality and go into a mini-depression that can only be cured by Walt Disney World’s background loops.  One of the favorite apps/sites I’ve ever found was live365 radio.  It is constantly playing in my office at work, whether softly or loudly, and if I’m on my computer at home, I am inevitably listening to something park related.  Come on, let’s go save Big Red! You can find ride audio, parade audio, background loops of parks or resorts, and Disney Movie soundtracks.  Why does this fill me with such calm?  I think because when I’m in WDW I’m on vacation and I don’t have any worries besides making it to my ADR or fast pass.

Another way I keep my magic alive at home is a bit more specific.  I torture myself, or reward myself, by planning Walt Disney World ‘dream’ vacations that I can never go on.  As an educator, I can only travel during vacations.  Yet when I’m on the site, I am a lady of leisure with unlimited funds.  It makes me so pleased to see how great of a vacation I ‘could’ take if I could travel in let’s say November or January(out of the question).  I find myself out of my depression and full of hope.  I smile and can tackle my day with a background loop in my head and hope of a magical vacation in my heart.

When I’m really feeling the yearning, I make Disney recipes.  I plan and plotz and painstakingly measure and hope it will bring me some nostalgia of what I enjoyed so much last trip.  With my Disney apron and my other assorted Disney purchases spurring me on, I create.  Even if they don’t always come out the way I remembered, I am out of my normal everyday routine for at least a few minutes.  It’s glorious.

One of the last things I do is sprinkle merchandise and photos of my favorite Disney trips around my house.  Then even if I don’t always consciously look at them, I unconsciously see them and feel joy.  Since 2003 I have collected Disney magnets on every trip.  Something about it makes my fridge seem a little less ordinary.

I’m a dreamer…so sue me.  But when I can’t always take yearly trips, I try with all my might to never let the mouse get too far away from me.

How do you keep the magic alive at home?disney apron disney magnets micky and minnie creamers

Keeping the magic alive at home!

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